About NAVE

NAVE offers a public, professional, full time high school 3-year education focused on the digital and creative economies

NAVE (Advanced Education Center) is an integrated and professional high school educational program, developed by Oi Futuro in partnership with Rio de Janeiro and Pernambuco State Education Departments. That means bringing a state high school together with professional technical courses focusing on digital technologies. Each program is developed in partnership with distinguished institutions from a multitude of fields of study; technical graduations of Multimedia and Digital Game Programming are offered to NAVE students, who graduate from school with a professional diploma and capable of getting into the job market of the future. Besides preparing these students in formal basic education skill, NAVE is developing critical and transformative citizens.

Our schools

Cícero Dias Technical State School (NAVE Recife)

José Leite Lopes State School (NAVE Rio)

Besides regular education, in NAVE Rio and NAVE Recife we offer the professional graduations of Multimedia and Digital Game Programming.


NAVE is a full time school that intertwines technology and the day-to-day school life

During their three years of high school, students are encouraged to work in integrated projects, mentored by educators. Therefore, they can actually go through the processes that come from technological innovation, such as ideation, planning, public speaking, collective production and publishing. The school also encourages students to appropriate the languages and techniques from the digital universe in a critical way and provoke them to draw their own learning path. Besides programmers, designers or as yet unimagined jobs, we want to prepare mindful, independent and protagonist citizens who will be able to program their own future.





Cícero Dias Technical State School (NAVE Recife)

Address: 470 Marquês de Valença Street, Boa Viagem, Recife, PE - ZIP Code: 51021-500

Telephone: + 55 (81) 3326-0301 / + 55 (81) 3325-4881

José Leite Lopes State School (NAVE Rio)

Address: 204 Uruguai Street, Andaraí, Rio de Janeiro, RJ - ZIP Code: 20510-060

Telephone: +55 (21) 2570-6178