More about Culture area

Oi Futuro takes part in the Brazilian cultural and artistic production in a comprehensive way: the Institute maintains a Cultural Center in Rio de Janeiro, with a program that appreciates avant-garde production and the convergence of contemporary art and technology; besides, Oi Futuro carries out the Oi’s Cultural Sponsorship Incentive Program, which selects projects from all over Brazil through open calls.

One of these ínnovative productions was launched in 2023. The research Global trends for museums of the future carried out in partnership between Oi Futuro and Grupo Consumoteca and supported by the British Council, brings answers to questions regarding the future of museums and cultural centers. Based on interviews with museum managers from all over Brazil, experts from different countries and national and foreign festivals, this research presents a new public profile in a post-pandemic world and new global trends for museums and cultural centers of the future.


From its architecture to its agenda, Oi Futuro Cultural Center is a landmark, establishing a strong connection with audiences of all ages and usually expanding its galleries and theater room to its surroundings.


Oi Futuro also manages the Telecommunications Museum and its Technical Reserve, which together preserve more than 100,000 itens, such as equipments, devices, photos and documents. A trailblazer in using interactivity among Brazil’s museums, the Telecommunications Museum explores the most advanced technological resources to tell the story of the human communication, in Brazil and in the whole world, to its visitors.

Our Culture numbers

Check out the numbers that consolidate our cultural performance

  • 2.500

    projects sponsored since 2003

  • 93.000

    annual visitors in our Cultural Center

  • 53

    cultural projects were selected by 2018’s Oi’s Cultural Sponsorship Incentive Program

  • 700.000

    people were impacted by cultural projects

  • 30.000

    people were welcomed by our Museum’s Educational Program so far

  • 60

    youths are graduated annually in arts, technology and urban intervention from Oi Kabum! LAB

  • 100

    books were published by the Arts & Technology Collection