More on Social Innovation

Since its foundation, Oi Futuro has supported non-profit community organizations in developing initiatives of social transformation. The Institute contributed to strengthen more than 200 of these institutions, generating around 100,000 beneficiaries. However, the purpose of fostering innovation, aiming social impact, made us move to a broader model of action, repositioning the strategy of our Social Innovation area without forgetting our roots and how we started.

We decide to bet on strengthening and joining collaborative networks of entrepreneurs, having as a guiding principle the common goal of find innovative and impactful solutions. Therefore comes Labora, our Social Innovation Lab, a connective, learning and creative environment for organizations and entrepreneurs committed to an impactful change, that offers incubation and acceleration programs to social projects and businesses.

Our numbers

Check out the impact of Oi Futuro’s Social Innovation initiatives through these indicators:

  • 100.000

    people benefited by social projects

  • 50

    social businesses and NGOs were supported between 2017 and 2018

  • 2.288

    hours of mentoring and training

A connective, learning and creative hub for entrepreneurs committed to an impactful change