More on Education

Besides getting a technical degree, NAVE students are encouraged to develop their entrepreneurship and to establish their first professional connections through projects and events of the innovation and tech markets.

Through its strategic partnerships, NAVE has also been playing an important role in training state schools’ educators. In 2019, NAVE formed over 100 teachers in training of differents areas such as use of technologies, inclusive education, etc.

Trends and challenges in the field of Education are usual subjects for deep researches carried out by the NAVE educators and technical team, as they are regularly joining in events and contributing to the knowledge production, for instance, the ITICS research on the importance of using new technologies in Education.

In 2018, NAVE’s innovative pedagogical practices were edited in e-NAVE, an e-book that so far has achieved nearly 2,000 downloads.

This content was also made available by the Brazilian Education and Culture Ministry (MEC) in its Integrated Platform and is highlighted in the Integral Education website. That way the methodologies can be easily reached by educators and schools from all over Brazil.

Our Education numbers

Check out the indicators that prove Oi Futuro’s performance in the Educational area.

  • 2.200

    students graduated from NAVE

  • 800.000

    downloads of projects developed by the students

  • 1st place

    NAVE obtained the best score in the Brazilian National High School Exam ranking (in states of Rio de Janeiro and Pernambuco) and in the Basic Education Development Index (in Pernambuco) among technical state schools

  • 1.000

    students are currently enrolled in NAVE

  • 70

    regular and technical educators work at the schools' team

  • 500

    state schools’ educators were trained with NAVE’s own methodology

  • 88

    hours of dissemination of the methodology in the state schools’ network

  • +2.000

    downloads of the e-NAVE, NAVE’s innovative pedagogical practices e-book

  • 23

    graduated students from NAVE were hired by Oi